The Biggest Loser Vitamin B Complex

Not in a high dosage – which can cause side effect

Wait – a high dosage of B complex can cause side effects?

Headaches, hives and flushing are just some of the side effects some people reported having when taking a high dosage of B complex.

The right recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of a B complex is a good thing. Having more than 10 times that is just too much of a good thing!

Our customers – who trust our Earth’s Pearl Probiotics – trust our B complex formula simply because it is not in a high dosage.

See below on why it’s just what the (natural health) doctor ordered.

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During Christmas, a wreath on the door and a few strands of outside lights is a good thing.

The outdoor Santa, sled, gnomes, reindeer, enough lights to light the entire neighborhood – and dressing the dog in a Santa suit is too much of a good thing.

Having 100-200% of the daily value of a B complex is a good thing. Having more than 5,000% is just too much of a good thing! Talk about Multivitamin Madness!

Our simple, but very effective B complex is a hit with our customers because we don’t try to oversell – including everything and the kitchen sink.

It’s just what the (natural health) doctor ordered.

Did You Know?

National Institutes of Health – Office of Dietary Supplements, among other
dietary research institutions, have found that your organs can only use roughly
around 10% of “mega doses” of B vitamins. The rest is urinated out.

Many vitamin companies claim: “More potent source of B-complex vitamins.”
How can it be more potent if it doesn’t even reach your vital organs, including your brain?

They claim: “Best value for the money.”
How can it be the best value for your money when you pee out around 90% of it?

If you like to pee a pretty pink color, take their mega dosages of B complex.
If you don’t like peeing out money, take our recommended dietary allowance of our B complex.

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Health Tip for Brain Health & Energy
From Our Wednesdays’ Webletter

American researchers came up with a jazzy term called “neurobics.” This is the
science for brain exercising to learn new information. This builds new brain cells
(neurons), which, in turn, helps keep your brain healthy for memory and focus,
and to help stave off health issues like Alzheimer’s.

An example of one brain exercise is to brush your teeth with your other hand.
Your brain has to learn to do it correctly, so it builds new neurons.

With this comes refreshed energy to want to do more things.

Staff selection from the Wednesday’s Webletter

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The Biggest Benefits from The Biggest Loser Vitamin B Complex

    B1, B2 and B6 work better in your body when they have equal or near equal amounts of milligrams.
    Our B complex has between 3-4 mg for each B1, B2, and B6.
    All of our alternative-health products get our customers smiling from ear to ear. Especially our B complex, because it helps their mental mood for a better day.
    In fact, B1 is known as the “morale vitamin” because of its effects on the nervous system and brain. That comes in handy when your mood and stress level has seen better days.
    Not many people know this, but some B vitamins work as an antioxidant.
    B2 (Riboflavin), as an example. It has shown effects on skin, nails and hair.
    It has also shown to support heathy cells throughout the body.

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Think about this:

Getting enough of the RDA of vitamins and minerals through food and
supplements at least 5 days a week has shown that it can help reduce the odds of
going to the hospital due to health issues. Like $150,000 heart attacks and strokes.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?


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