Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

What are Probiotics?

An Antibiotic kills all the bacteria in your body, both good and bad. Probiotics are the good bacteria found in your digestive tract and most of us do not have enough. Earth’s Pearl will help your body maintain the natural balance of good and non-beneficial bacteria in your body, boosting your digestive health, supporting your immune system and improving your overall health.

Why are Probiotics important?

Believe it or not, 70% of your body’s entire immune system is in your digestive tract. With your digestive system and immune system so linked, it’s easy to see how optimal health starts with your intestinal tract. So when the non-beneficial bacteria in your body multiply (because of things like diet, travel, occasional stress and certain medications), your digestion and immune system are vulnerable. That is why we created Earth’s Pearl, The World’s Best Probiotic to combat the bad bacteria and keep you feeling your best.

How do Probiotics help?

According to the Mayo Clinic, Probiotics may help

  •        Treat diarrhea, especially following treatment with certain antibiotics
  •        Prevent and treat vaginal yeast infections and urinary tract infections
  •        Treat irritable bowel syndrome
  •        Speed treatment of certain intestinal infections
  •        Prevent or reduce the severity of colds and flu


How quickly will I see results?

Every body is different, and results may vary, however, many people begin to notice changes in as little as 48 hours.

Are there side effects?

Some people do experience mild bloating, gas or digestive gurgling when they first begin taking Earth’s Pearl, but there is no need to worry as this is just a natural response to the changing environment in your digestive system and should go away within a short period of time.  If these effects last longer than two weeks, we recommend discussing with your health care professional. Everyday supplement usage is encouraged for ongoing digestive health.

What is the shelf life and should Earth’s Pearl be taken with food and/or water?

Unrefrigerated, Earth’s Pearl Probiotics have an 18 months shelf life and because of our BIO-tract advanced science, our products can be taken any time that is convenient for you.

Can I get Probiotics from Yogurt?

Most yogurts contain just a fraction of Probiotics and the bacteria never makes it past the stomach and into your digestive tract, so the benefits really are very minor. Plus, yogurt has all that extra sugar and calories.

Can I take Probiotics with my other medications and/or supplements?

Probiotics are the good bacteria already found in our bodies and Earth’s Pearl Probiotics are safe and effective for anyone to take. However, as with all supplements, we suggest you discuss the use of them with your healthcare professional before taking.

Can Children take Probiotics?

Yes! Earth’s Pearl Children’s Probiotics are especially designed for children 3 years and above while your little one is still-developing their immune system. Probiotics have been found to help support children’s natural defense systems, reduce occasional digestive upset and maintain healthy bacterial balance. Check out our Kids Probiotic here: http://www.amazon.com/Day-Supply-Acidophilus-Bifidobacterium-Lactobacillus/dp/B015EW0D96

Can I take Earth’s Pearl while pregnant or nursing?

Yes, Earth’s Pearl Products are safe to take while pregnant or nursing. However, as with all supplements, we suggest you discuss the use of them with your healthcare professional before taking.

Are Earth’s Pearl Probiotics difficult to swallow?

The pearl shape is not only unique but super easy to swallow. Some people reported having difficulty swallowing the pearls at first and found that taking it with food the first few times really helped.

How many strains of Probiotics do I need?

The more strains you add, the more diluted they become. We chose the most researched and well documented strains to make sure you get the most important strains at the highest dose.

How many Billion CFUs should I take?

The vast majority of live probiotics entering the stomach won’t survive to reach optimal sites in the gastrointestinal tract. Powders, liquids, capsules offer no real assistance, losing most if not all of their live bacteria during passage through the stomach acid’s environment. Our probiotics use patented BIO-tract delivery system that protect the majority of the live bacteria and provide optimal release throughout the digestive tract.

If it is live bacteria, why does it not require refrigeration?

Our LiveBac patented processing makes sure the bacteria is still alive for up to 18 months after the manufacturing date. Most probiotics on the store shelves fail to meet the label claim and many of those have no viability by the time they are consumed. Put the LiveBac difference to the test.

What if it doesn’t work for my body?

Every body is different. As a small, family run business we have to not only meet, but exceed our customer’s expectations. While most other companies offer a 30 or 60 day money back guarantee, we offer a full, 365 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. What do you have to lose?

What other dietary supplements and products do you offer?

Along with our Probiotic, we also offer a children’s probiotic, Vitamin B Complex, and a proprietary Vitamin D3/K2 + Probiotic. Together, our probiotics, and vitamins provide excellent sources to combat the issues of our day. We are constantly listening to our customers and formulating new products. If you have a recommendation for a new product, please let us know.

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