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How a Brain Tumor Changed My Life....Forever

My name is Chris Jorgensen, I am from Southern Oregon and I am the Co-founder of Earth’s Pearl Supplements, a small, family run business. Thank you for taking time out of your day to learn more about us and how the concept of Earth’s Pearl came about. I hope that by sharing this, others can see the true benefits of caring for your body.

I have a young family of four and growing and although, at times, having kids can be pretty challenging, for us conceiving our children was almost an impossibility. 

My wife Ana and I met while working together at a public health clinic in Southern Oregon. I was a Bi-Lingual Medical Assistant and she worked in the billing department. Long story short, we got married and after three, very happy years of marriage, we decided to start our family.  That didn't happen quite as easy as we had hoped and after a year and a half of trying we began to feel worried, so Ana decided to go see a doctor. The Doctor told her that she was in great health, so we kept at it. After some time, however, I began to wonder if something was wrong with me. As a Medical Assistant, I was sitting down most of the time and after long hours of helping patients, I would return from work lethargic and exhausted as if I had just completed a marathon. We thought we were doing everything right, eating healthy, exercising, but to no avail, it wasn't happening.

With all the frustration, I decided I should also go visit a Doctor. A few lab tests came back showing abnormalities and, at age 27, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor! I was not sure what to do, so Ana did what every good spouse would do and she turned to the internet to research and began to read so she could try to understand it all. Not really knowing what else to do about a brain tumor, we asked the Doctor to operate and just remove it.  We were surprised to find out that surgery was the last thing we wanted to do because of its location in my brain (on the pituitary gland behind the eye), and instead the Doctor recommended a medication that would stop the production of the hormone prolactin, which he thought was causing the tumor to grow. Who would have thought that infertility for men could have anything to do with a tumor in the pituitary gland? Needless to say, we were in shock.

We didn’t want to rely on the medication alone, and from all the research online that my wife had done there were things within our control that could also be very helpful. Coupled with the medication, an organic vegan diet, juicing and green smoothies, we began to see some incredible results. This was pretty much a complete lifestyle change. Up to this point in my life, I was cautious about certain things but not entirely vigilant.

Without boring you with the details, and astonished you are still reading this, here is the quick overview: When I was first diagnosed, my initial prolactin level was just above 3,000 (keep in mind, a normal level for men is 3-16). When the Doctor showed us the labs after only two weeks, my level had already dropped to 759! Amazed and emboldened by these results, our journey truly began. After two more weeks, the number continued to drop, which surprised our Doctor even more, and this time it went from 759 to 115. Our Doctor hadn't yet concluded that my lifestyle made a difference, but these results persisted and after four months, my wife was able to conceive.

There can exist a perfect melding of allopathic medicine and natural dietary lifestyles. My wife and I began a new quest to find The World’s Best supplements that help support our systems, and since 70% of our overall health comes from our GI Tract, it should be no surprise that the first product we launched was a Probiotic.

We want to make sure to address that every “body” is different and what works for one, will not always work for someone else, but I am humbled by the emails I receive on a daily basis from customers telling me how our products are working so well for them. We sought to produce a product that was not only the best quality but affordable for all.

I can’t imagine my life without my two beautiful children, and God willing, we will have a couple more. Nevertheless, every day we get up and push forward with that same drive to find solutions that will help our family and yours. There have to be products out there that can help sustain our lifestyles and help us confront the illnesses that beset our world. It is our mission to make supplements that are high quality and bio-available to our systems.

So welcome to the family and thank you for supporting our small, family run business. If there is anything we can do to help you and your family, please feel free to reach out. Your emails come to me personally and I read every one.

Warm regards,

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