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Our Story

Jorgensen Family

How a Brain Tumor Changed Our Lives and Inspired us to Launch Earth's Pearl

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, too bad that isn’t true with health. At least it wasn’t for my family. If you looked at us or others in our family, you would have thought that we were a healthy bunch of people, unfortunately, there was more going on than we were aware.

Ten years ago my wife was battling all sorts of chronic issues; such as seasonal allergies, arthritis, migraines, back pain, you name it. Ten years ago my younger brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor on his pituitary gland. You can’t see either of those conditions from the outside, but they were suffering.

My wife took a nutritional approach, while my brother did the allopathic approach, and oddly enough both ended up finding health from their gut. How did these two end up at the same place? Well, it comes from the fact that our overall health comes from a healthy gut.

My wife, through clean and balanced eating, was able to mitigate a lot of the chronic pain she was experiencing, and was able to pinpoint things in her life that have not served her well. My brother was able to help regulate his hormones with diet and also found that although it did not eliminate completely the tumor, he had more mental clarity and was able to function better because of his improved health.

If we were to take a picture from the inside out, that picture would be worth more than a thousand words. 

My younger brother was unable to have children the first part of their marriage, and until the Doctors discovered his tumor, he and his wife were not sure why. but once his health was restored and the tumor put to rest, he and his wife immediately got pregnant and were able to have three beautiful boys!

Our experiences of how important our diet and especially gut health is, led us to launch a family run business called LuvUrGut. We wanted to find products that were safe for us to take, give to our children, etc. but that wouldn't cost our growing family an arm and a leg. 

Now, hundreds of thousands of happy customers later, with thousands of five star reviews on Amazon, this mission to improved health has taken us to places we never knew possible. Yet our focus remains the same, create products that we can take every day, that our children can take and invite people to come along with us on our shared journey to improved health.

We are so happy you have decided to join us. We are all in this together!

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